Friday, January 8, 2016

Starfire - release excerpt

Starfire is an erotic romance novel, with BDSM and Ds elements. It's part of the Space Opera setting - Tyme.

Starfire was originally published through Loose-Id. Though much of the book remains the opening scene that was cut for Loose-Id has been re-added to the novel

Sexual content warning!

The shower. A quick, hot shower would see her through. If she was lucky it would, but she wasn’t holding out any hope, not with the need that still rippled through her traitorous body. She glanced at the clock. She had time. More than enough time to do what she wanted three times over and still shower, dress, and make it to her shift without being late. So, what was she worried about?

Mara settled back down on the bed and let one hand drift between her thighs. In the dream he’d tried to control her, but in her imagination, with her thoughts fully focused, she could control him. Mount him. Ride him. Use him for her pleasure and there was nothing he could do to stop her.

Her left hand parted her slick nether lips. A soft roll played through her hips, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. Oh, fuck, she needed this. Her clit ached. The memory of his touch, his lips, tongue, and the way he smelled, felt, and tasted, all flooded back, swamping her senses as she let her fingers tease the hard, small nub.

She’d ride him, her thighs straddling him as she moved. He’d groan. His hands bound above his head -- no, not bound, chained. Anything less he’d be able to break. Yes, she’d chain him in place. His wrists and ankles chained to the bed.

Her hand moved faster, playing, teasing, the image building in her mind. The captain, helpless beneath her, a toy to use, to fuck to…

The chains snapped in her image.

No, that wasn’t possible, this was her fantasy!

How could the chains break in her damn fantasy, it wasn’t possible. There were too many odd things going on for her liking, and none of them good. Dreams that didn’t act, or feel like dreams. A fantasy that had a mind of its own?

That didn’t stop her body from wanting one moment of pleasure, a single, brief spark of sheer delight that she would be able to enjoy just as long as her dream behaved for a short while. Shit, she wasn’t exactly asking for much, was she?

Her fingertip circled her slick, throbbing clit. Her hips jolted. It didn’t matter what was behind all of this, she wasn’t going to let it spoil her day, or her selfish moment of pleasure.

She cupped one breast with her free hand, tracing her thumb over and around her nipple. She groaned, her hips moving with each light touch across her clit, her nether lips now wet and swollen. Just a little more, she was so damn close she could feel it now and she wasn’t going to give it up, not even if he walked into her room in person and ordered her to the bridge.

Fenris MacTire. Fuck, she couldn’t get him out of her mind, no matter what she did. She wanted him, needed him buried deep within her body. She craved the feeling of his cock, his hands, his touch, stroking her, bringing her to the point of pleasure and then refusing to let her go. Her fingers moved faster, taunting her slick heat as she bit back a fresh groan of sheer delight.

He was here, in her mind, here with her, on top of her, beneath her, in her. It didn’t matter how he was fucking her, only that he was, that they shared this moment. Deep, long thrusts took her body. She couldn’t hold back any longer, she didn’t even want to try. Pressure built within her, deep in her body, unwilling, or unable to back off long enough to allow her a moment to catch her breath.

It hit, hard, fast, and without mercy.

Her thighs tightened, hips bucked, back arched as she cried out. This was her moment, not his, never his, her moment and her fantasy. Sweat beaded across her body, her muscles clenching as it rolled through her.

Mara blinked and tried to focus as she caught her breath.

Gods above and below, what the fuck happened there?

The dream that wasn’t a dream, her fantasy changing despite what she’d tried to do, it just didn’t make sense.

She rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. No matter how confused she was, she still had her shift to do.

Time was running out on her and this wasn’t just about the time she had left before she reported for duty. She had to find a way to check in with her people. They’d know she was on the Lair; they wouldn’t know her current status. The emergency signal hadn’t been set off. They’d know she was safe, or at least alive, but the missing details would have Frostfire and Bloodline tearing their hair out.

There were people relying on her and any encounters with Fenris would only distract her from her work. She was a professional.

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