Friday, January 15, 2016


Freedom is a prequel piece to the story Rebirth. An origin story for the Shadow Sprawl setting.

Artwork by Samuel Pray

Wind whipped her hair across naked flesh, lashing in painful stings as she blinked, trying to clear her vision free of the wind borne dust and grit. She growled, baring her teeth at the offending elements even as she walked, anger rippling through her body, fueling her escape from his prison.

Paradise – he claimed it would be our paradise, a place to live, and laugh for the rest of our days.

Lies. All of it had been lies. Nothing but a prison where she’d been expected to serve that – that male. He’d expected it, demanded it, and then pushed when she’d refused. Angry – yes, he’d been angry, and then frustrated.

“Not his. I don’t belong to him. Never will.” She hissed into the wind.

Walk. She had to move. Put a greater distance between herself and that place. It didn’t matter that the wind borne grit sliced at her skin, or that the branches cut at her sides, she didn’t even care about the rocks and sharp stones dug into the soles of her feet.

“Lilith!” His voice carried, no doubt with assistance, beyond the walls of the prison. “Come back. You have to come back.”

She turned, glaring at the outer edge of the prison. Trees, tall wonderful trees, the scent of fresh water, birds, animals – she could hear and smell so much that, for a moment, she was tempted to take a step back toward it. There was food there, shelter, the elements couldn’t strike her the way they now did. She was safe there, all she had to do was turn around, walk back in and accept the rules.

She stood there, staring back at the outer edge of the only home she’d ever known – her heart racing, sweat beading across her body, trembles running through her limbs as she caught her bottom lip between her teeth. It would be so easy. Everything she needed would still be waiting for her beyond the green walls created by the trees.

No – not doing it – I won’t submit to him. To their rules. I deserve more than this.

Lilith forced herself to take a step back, first one, then another, and before she knew it, she’d taken a dozen steps away. The tug continued, temptation that tried to dig its way beneath her skin in an attempt to force her to return. She couldn’t do it. Couldn’t betray herself. She’d tried to live their way, betrayed herself time and again in order to conform to their wishes.

Nearly killed myself in the process.

Hunger clenched deep within, a need stronger than the pull of the sanctuary forming as she turned and began to run. Bare feet hit the ground, dust kicked up in her wake, the landscape bleak compared to the beauty she’d left behind. She didn’t need them, didn’t need the so called peace and protection that was offered along with that arrogant male.

“Lilith – I need you, you can’t do this to me!” The voice was fainter now, weaker with each swift step that carried her away from the sanctuary. “Please, don’t turn your back on us.”

“Us,” she growled, picking up the pace. “There is no us, Adam.” It didn’t matter if he heard her or not. She knew the truth. “Only you and your desires.” A band tightened around her heart, knowledge that she’d been brought into this world as one thing, only to be told she had to be another – it was a betrayal she had struggled to accept.

“Lilith – this is his plan for us. You can’t turn your back on what he wants. We need you.” His voice, even with help, was weaker now, the words barely audible.

She faltered for a moment, looking back over her shoulder. Was Adam right? Was she condemned to follow the path that had been set out for her, without thought for what she might want? Lilith swallowed hard, tears misting her vision.

“Return. Now. Before it’s too late.”

She growled, baring her teeth in the direction of the voice. “I will take no orders from you or any male!” Orders. She’d had enough of his orders. Her life would be hers for the living, not theirs for the commanding.

Her teeth canines punched through, aching with the need to bite into something. Hunger. Something she’d never truly felt within the sanctuary, roared at her, pushing her away, toward a distant line of trees. She’d find something there within the forest, a beast she could bring down. Meat. Blood. Life.

Yes, life. That was the answer. It pulsed through animals, through other beings she knew existed beyond the sanctuary, beings Adam had spoken of, but had never seen himself. They would share their lives with her, some would die, others wouldn’t - but she would survive without the rules of the prison or her keeper, Adam.

Her teeth ached with the need to sink into a living, breathing prey. A beast, yes she could sense the life force pulsing within the animal even though she couldn’t see it yet. She no longer cared about the male left behind, or the prison she had escaped. All that mattered was the four footed beast whose scent now tantalized her.

In this world she would be the one who commanded – from this point on, her life would be hers and hers alone.

I am Lilith, the huntress – and I will bow to no one.

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