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Hunger is a historical Shadow Sprawl story, continuing the current story arc, written by Terri Pray

Artwork by Samuel Pray, created using Daz3d, Photoshop and Filter Forge.

What in the name of the gods was he doing? This woman, this creature was nothing more than a predator, a dangerous one with access to magic that he could never lay claim to. Yet here he was, holding her against a tree, his fingers buried between her thighs as she moaned and whimpered, lost in the throws of passion.

His cock twitched, hard and eager to press itself between her slick, heated folds but then what?

Why would I care what comes next?

Because he was a man, not a beast. This wasn’t about sating his lusts, his hunger for a moment. No, this was about his life and what would happen to him once the female was done with her indulgence.

But what if this was more than a whim? Could something else have driven her here, to him? Isn’t that what she had hinted at? That there was something more to this thing between them?

Deal with it later. Sate my needs now. If there is more to this than a fast, hard rutting, then I

Adriana moaned, her back arching, hips thrusting against his hand. Slick, tight clenches locked on his fingers as he moved them slowly in and out of her welcoming core. His breathing grew ragged, the need to take her increasing with each passing moment but he held back. A little longer, he wanted her willing beyond any doubt, eager for him and only then would he take her.

“Please,” she reached for him, sliding one hand over his shoulder and into his hair. “I need you, need you now.”

“Soon,” he promised.

“Now,” the plea little more than a soft whisper. “I don’t want to wait.”

His cock twitched, throbbing with the need to take her, but if he surrendered now, gave into her pleas, she would hold the upper hand. Not something he could permit. Not in this moment or any future moments to come. “Who is in command here?”

“You are,” she admitted.

“Remember that.” He eased his fingers from between her clenching inner walls, taking a moment to enjoy the shudder that rolled through Adriana’s body. “Turn around and press your hands against the tree, thighs spread.”

She looked up at him, eyes wide before she lowered her gaze, the submissive gesture enough to send a dark wave of desire through his body. For a moment she didn’t move and he tensed, wondering if she would follow through on his command. Silently she turned, keeping her gaze lowered as she followed through, pressing her hands against the tree trunk, thighs spread as she assumed the position.

“Good,” he ran one hand down the length of her spine feeling the play of her muscles beneath the tunic. He frowned, tugging on the cloth. Without giving her an option, he slid one claw out from his index finger, barely aware of the slight pain that came with the appearance of the claw. “Don’t move. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Adriana tensed at the words, her breath hitching.

Good, a part of her feared him.

The idea thrilled him at first but then it changed, a sickness rippled through his gut as he looked at her and then at the exposed claw. No, he wouldn’t build on that fear, not this time, not with this female. His heart pounded as he tugged on the tunic, letting the cloth catch on the edge of his claw. Slow and with care he cut through the tunic, letting the strips of cloth fall to the ground as he bared her body to his view.

“Beautiful.” He murmured.

Adriana glanced back over her shoulder, her simmering gaze meeting his. Her lips parted, a soft whimper of need slipping from them as she arched her back, thrusting her buttocks out toward him. Hunger, need, it didn’t matter what he called it, the desire burned in her eyes in a way that could never be denied.

“You going to touch me, or do I need to take care of myself?” She licked her bottom lip before pulling it in between her teeth, her eyes going wide. “I know my own body well enough to…”

“No.” He cupped her now bare buttocks, squeezing them, kneading them until she squirmed. “You never need to take care of yourself as long as you’re with me.” Would this be a onetime thing or would they part ways? No, he didn’t want to think about that, not when his body protested against the idea of walking away from her, from this woman who tempted his senses and called for him to take her, fill her, claim her and place his mark on her.

“Well then, what do you plan on doing, Marcius?” She turned away from him, lowering her head, her back arched, hips lifted and pressed back toward him. “Should I stay or leave?”

“You’re going no where.” He lashed out, securing one hand across the back of her neck. “Not until I say you can leave.”

Her hips rolled, a deep moan slipping from her lips as she stood there, hands pressed against the trunk of the tree. “I understand, Marcius.”

Did she, or was she merely hoping that he wouldn’t rip her throat out? She wouldn’t be the first vampire to die at under the teeth and claws of a wolf shifter. He leaned in, nuzzling her hair, his free hand sliding up from her buttocks to her waist, holding her in place. Silken skin tightened under the passage of his caress and she whimpered, moving softly beneath his fingers.

“Such an eager female, are all of your kind like this?” He traced down to her hip and then back up to her spine.

Adriana tensed. “I won’t want to talk about my sisters like that. They aren’t a part of this.”

“You will deny me nothing, my mate. If I wish to know something you will answer me.”

She looked back over her shoulder, her muscles tight, anger rippling through her form. “I will not discuss my sisters and I am not your play thing, nor will I act as if I’m your possession.” All sense of arousal died in that moment, she snarled, shifting her weight.

She’s going to move.

He pressed in against her, pinning her to the tree. “I’m sorry.” The words slipped free before he had the chance to prevent it. “It’s in my nature to press. If you want to leave, I won’t try and keep you here.” Even as he said the words he knew them to be a lie, his wolf wouldn’t permit her to walk away without at least trying to convince her that she needed to stay. He wouldn’t force her into staying, that wasn’t the way of the wolf, but he would try and change her mind.

She didn’t answer for a moment, her breathing ragged, emotions tainting her scent. Adriana bowed her head, took a deep breath and he watched, waiting for her to make a choice.

“If I had any sense, I’d leave. You’re a shifter, I’m a daughter of Lilith, what we want here, even if it were nothing more than a single encounter, would have us mocked or cast out by our people.”

A single encounter? No, it would be more than that. They both knew it even if neither of them were willing to admit it yet.

Except I have, I’ve already called her my mate. That’s not something I can walk away from.

“Would you leave, if you had to?” He traced one fingertip up and down the length of her spine, watching the tightening and play of her skin beneath his touch. “If you thought it were for the best, if your body didn’t crave mine the way I crave yours, could you truly walk away?”

“No,” she didn’t hesitate, her words little more than a whisper as she leaned back against the tree, her back arched, buttocks lifted. “I need you. I don’t know why. I don’t understand why, but I know that I need you and I can’t shut that, or you out of my thoughts.”

His cock twitched at her words, his balls tight and heavy as they pressed against the base of his erection. She wanted him, needed him, it wasn’t just his needs that were in charge here but hers as well. “I want you.” He leaned in, brushing his lips over one bare shoulder. “I need you.”

“Then take me, fill me, let me know how much you desire me, my wolf. I need to know, I need to feel that between us, to know that I’m not making a mistake by staying here with you.” She rolled her hips, pressing her bare buttocks back against his groin. “It’s the only way we’ll both know for certain that we’re doing the right thing.”

The right thing. How could this be anything but the right thing? He growled, the sound low and dangerous as he covered her, holding her against the rough bark, his cock thick and throbbing. He yanked at his clothing, pulling the tunic over his head and tossing it aside before he pulled his loin cloth away, dropping it on the floor. “Last chance, Adriana. Tell me to stop and I will, but once I - I won’t be able to pull back.” A wolf claiming his mate would fight back if she said no half way through. He’d try, oh he’d try, but he knew that it would be near impossible and would threaten to turn him feral.

Not something he’d wish on anyone.

“I understand,” she rolled her hips, teasing his thick cock with the brief contact. “I won’t say no. I won’t change my mind.” She promised.

He had to take Adriana’s word for that. He cupped her buttocks revealing in the sensation before he slid his thick erection between her thighs, pushing up against her slick, heated core. He growled at the touch, the scent of her arousal filling his nostrils and he gave himself to the desires that burned through his system.

The head of his cock slid against her slick folds and he smiled, rolling his hips as he teased his length back and forth, moving it through her nether lips without entering her. Heat blossomed between them, the scent of her need growing with each new touch and he pulled back just enough to adjust his angle before he thrust into her in a single stroke. Her inner walls parted and then clenched on his length, a low hungry groan spilling from her lips as she welcomed him into her body.

Mine. My mate. Mine always.

There was no denying it now. She belonged to him and he to her.

He pulled back, leaving only the head of his cock buried between her slick inner walls. He couldn’t hold back. Every inch of him hungered for her, pushed at him to bite and claim her, but she wasn’t ready.

Was she?

“Don’t stop.” She pleaded.

“I won’t.” He promised, waiting only a moment longer before he drove into her, taking her deeper than before. Her body clenched on his, hips rolling, hunger building as they moved together. Slick sounds filled the air, mingled with groans, whimpers and the need for so much more.

Time lost all meaning as they moved together, nothing but the slick sounds and their hunger filling the small glade. Pressure built with each new thrust, his grip tight on her hips as he filled her over and over again, his balls slapping against her swollen sex.

“I need you.” He growled, nuzzling her neck. “Need to…”

“Mark me.” She tipped her head to the side, baring her neck. “Do it, make me yours. Please Marcius, claim me.”

He didn’t hesitate. With a low, hungry snarl he struck, biting into the flesh at the juncture between her throat and shoulder. His teeth sunk into her olive touched flesh, blood filling his mouth as she shuddered beneath him.

“Close, so very close.”

He lifted his head away from the wound, a full-throated howl spilling from his lips as he moved, thrusting deeper, rocking her against the trunk. Pressure, hunger, the two combined until he knew there was only one way this would end.

“Come for me, mate. Come for me now.” He ordered.

She obeyed, her sex a liquid heat around his cock, ripples of her release playing over his erection until his own pleasure ripped free, marking her within and without. They tumbled back from the tree to curl on the moss-covered ground, his cock still buried in her body

To Be Concluded Next Week. 

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